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Know the market-value of your purchase — before you buy


Lumber & Building Materials

Software Tools for Buyers

The procurement of commodities and standardized products is often an afterthought in modern supply chain discourse. Volatile prices and shifting production patterns require buyers to dynamically source and re-source product, often at the transaction level. As volatile commodity prices strain margins and profitability across every industry, buyers need tools designed to meet these new market realities.

In this era of competing with everyone, from everywhere, for everything,
it is not enough to measure purchases against strategic plan or budget.
To stay competitive, one must also measure against the market.

BuyMetrics® is efficient and market-proven SaaS purchasing software featuring a patented process of dynamic market-reference pricing (metrics) to value, compare, and optimize your purchases.

What makes BuyMetrics unique? Existing solutions 'mark-to-plan/budget', while BuyMetrics 'marks-to-market'. BuyMetrics enables buyers to discover price and availability in near-real time, select vendors at the transaction level, and execute dozens, or even hundreds, of transactions per day.

Patented, with twelve years of continuous improvement, the BuyMetrics platform has processed 3.2+million RFQ responses and $10 billion in commodity purchases. Clients vary from focused one-buyer operations to large publicly-traded multi-national corporations with dedicated commodity teams. BuyMetrics comes in two versions: Enterprise and Pro.

BuyMetrics Enterprise Edition

SaaS software designed to serve professional buyers, supporting spot market purchases, formula defined contracts, arbitrage strategies, and interface with corporate ERP systems. When market volatility reaches a heart-pounding pace, BuyMetrics enables buyers to work their strategy quickly and precisely. Offers, even unequal offers, are quickly compared using current market value. Metrics provide guidance and ongoing analytics provide vendor scorecards, strategic insight, and auditable data. Most installations include enterprise integration.

BuyMetrics Pro Edition

Pro is a powerful online system customized for a specific commodity (or near-commodity) enabling one buyer to quickly connect with more suppliers, make better buys, saving time and money.

Case Study

Lumber & Building Materials

Since 2000 BuyMetrics has been widely deployed across the U.S. in the lumber and building materials industry — through the boom years and the bust years.

Click here to view an online demo of BuyMetrics Pro as deployed in the lumber industry. Click here to learn more about the value BuyMetrics delivers to lumber and bulding materials buyers. To see the benefits of BuyMetrics Enterprise Edition,or to speak with buyers using the software every day, contact us.

BuyMetrics has all the benefits I thought it would and they had nailed what we deal with every single day.

C.R., Buyer, public firm, manufacturer

BuyMetrics doesn't do everything, but it comes close. I have recommended BuyMetrics both to my company colleagues and outside our company.

D.S., Buyer, public firm, distributor

I don't give recommendations just for the sake of recommendations — this is something that a lot of small yards should be using.

R.G., Owner, private firm, distributor

Some peers that I talked to that I trust said BuyMetrics was great, and I believed that more than anything else.

L.T., VP Purchasing, private firm, distributor

... Precise, quick, total, and reliable are words that I would use in describing this tool.

E.P., Buyer, public firm, distributor

I save at least 25-30 minutes on every load. My vendors like it too. There's no wasted time from their perspective.

G.E., Buyer, private firm, manufacturer

BuyMetrics adds speed and accuracy to both the program or contract sourcing process and to spot-market sourcing. Vendors also embrace the system because of the ease and speed of communication.

D.C. Buyer, private firm, distributor

Try it, you'll like what it does for you.

L.O., Buyer, public firm, distributor

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